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NetLearning Holdings, Inc.

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About NetLearning Group

We will create new future opportunities for individuals and corporations,
thereby contributing to society.

NetLearning Holdings, Inc., was established in January 2010 with the purpose of promoting integrative promotion of strategic, performance-oriented business enterprise for the five companies in the NetLearning Group, including NetLearning, the largest and leading provider of e-learning in Japan, and wiwiw, providing support for workers resuming their work following their maternity and nursing care leaves.

Based on an extensive and multifunctional platform shared by our group companies, we intend to nurture individuals equipped with the talent and skills to generate future opportunities as we create new business paradigms and provide our customers with value-added, efficient services focusing on the person, organization, and learning.

As the sixth corporation to join the NetLearning Group where NetLearning is our core business, NetLearning Holdings shall make constant efforts to maintain our excellence and responsibility as a leading company, in collaboration with our five fellow corporations wiwiw, Phoenix Consulting, LecoS, and Mingxiang Consulting (Shanghai).

Our Corporate Group Members